I’m B – a Londoner of 30 years; a project manager of 5. I’ve been with my lovely wife for 4 (1.5 of them married) and got pregnant in September 2016. Our son is due in June this year.


On this blog you’re likely to find posts about the highs and lows of life as I approach and enter motherhood, both generally and as part of a family with two mums.


Why ‘the other mumma’? Well, I’m sure that as one of two mothers I will have to get used to confused expressions from parents of my child’s friends when I introduce myself as my son’s mother if they’ve met V already, and have to clarify with “his other mother!”


Although I’m the one who is pregnant and will be taking maternity leave, my wife and I plan to parent as equally as we can. I already know that she is likely to be the more indulgent parent while I’m likely to be the one enforcing at least some boundaries. I am sure like any child our son will go through phases of preferring one parent over the other but I’m firmly expecting my wife to be the fun parent and therefore the favourite most of the time!