News reports, acoustic covers and new pets #littleloves

It’s been an odd week here. Work started off very busily but faded into the background a bit after the horrible London news on Wednesday and then even further yesterday as we had a bit of a scare on our 28 week growth scan. Luckily, all is now ok after a second check, but we had a scary few hours thinking that there might be something wrong with the baby’s brain. We are feeling very grateful for our baby’s health right now.


This one has been a bit of a fail this week. I’m not sure where the week has gone. Lots of work related things, which is fairly boring!


News reports about Wednesday’s terrorist attack in London. If I’m honest, I didn’t feel as shocked as I expected when hearing about this. I suppose living in a city like London and especially with all the reports of attacks in other European cities, it has always felt more like ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ something like this would happen. It still makes you consider your actions (I am of the view that I don’t want to let things like this affect my day to day life – I would still go about my plans as before – while it has made V more nervous of us going into central London, temporarily at least, I think) and hold your loved ones a little closer – those poor families who expected to see their loved ones that evening after work as normal, and never will again, even just the thought of it is devastating.

I’ve tried a few new things this week, I watched the first episode of Greenleaf which I like so far and also the first episode of Madam Secretary but I’ve just been quite distracted so I’m finding it hard to find the time to get into anything properly!


While working from home I discovered an acoustic playlist by a band called Boyce Avenue which I’m loving this week – it has covers of many songs I like!


Well – this one isn’t a great success either this week! I did make some progress (tenuous!) on some life admin bits – I’d been getting behind so have sorted out some bills, made steps to renew my car insurance (need to confirm this), bought some newborn baby bits we need, replaced some broken things in the house etc. There is always more to do to though isn’t there?

We’ve also been making quite a few vegetarian dinners still, but I still need to find some inspiration for some more interesting ones!


I switched back to my winter coat on a few days this week – it’s been wet and not very nice here sadly. Come on Spring weather, where are you?! (The cat is also waiting!)

2017 03 lady2

And lastly

We spent last Sunday at my mum’s house – it was my brother’s birthday and he and his wife had come down to London for the weekend. They bought their new family members, two adopted retired greyhounds! I was surprised by how much more they reminded me of cats than dogs in some ways – so chilled and quiet. They seem to be settling in well although with a little bit of new / attachment anxiety to still overcome.

2017 03 dogs


4 thoughts on “News reports, acoustic covers and new pets #littleloves

  1. I always feel better when I’m on top of life admin, or at least feel a bit more on top of it! I know what you mean though, it’s a never ending list!
    Love for photo of your cat and the garden.
    Hope you’re having a good week x


  2. I’m glad everything was ok with baby in the end, it’s scary when they flag stuff up on scans but better to be safe than sorry. I’m going to check out that playlist, I love acoustic covers!


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