Baby lists, Logan and hoping for sunshine #littleloves

Happy weekend! This week started off feeling like Spring – I’d just come back from Rome where I was eating ice cream in the sunshine, there are daffodils and blossom out and I ate my first pack of Mini Eggs (yum) – but it’s ended a bit cooler and wetter so I’m hoping for more sunshine soon! It’s been a fairly quiet week but here are my little loves…

2017 03 tulips.JPG


This week I’ve mainly been reading lists of ‘baby essentials’ and ‘what to pack in your hospital bag’ . I’m not planning to pack one for a while yet, but I do want to make sure I start planning what to include so I can buy anything I’m missing. In terms of baby essentials to have at home, V is more worried than me about being organised so has been encouraging me to work out what we still need so we can plan to buy it. An old boss who is also pregnant sent me multiple lists that friends had sent her which has been really helpful as it’s full of comments like ‘didn’t actually use this’ or ‘quite expensive but the best thing I bought’! I know all babies – and parents – are different so what worked for someone else might not work for us but it’s still helpful to have some insight.

I’ve also been reading a lot of blogs instead of books. A favourite read this week was the very honest post  To the Lonely Mum, I’m Sorry by Devon Mama.


I’ve been catching up on season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy which is one of my (not very) guilty pleasures. My love for this show goes up and down a bit but I still really enjoy escaping into an episode with a cup of tea and a blanket on the sofa! Other than that I’ve not watched much but we did go to the cinema last night to see Logan – I mostly enjoyed it but it was very violent so maybe not for the faint hearted.

2017 03 Logan.jpg

I’ve also been watching the magnolia tree in our garden blossom! I love magnolia, I need to take some photos so hoping for the return of some sunshine soon to do it justice.

Oh and finally – V and I have been watching the baby move from the outside which is crazy! He seems to have grown stronger this week as his movements feel bigger and you can often see them on the outside now.


I didn’t manage to get back into podcasts this week like I’d hoped but I did listen to a teaser for S-Town, the new podcast by the creators of Serial and This American Life.  I like both those podcasts so will be downloading this when it comes out at the end of March.


V and I have both meaning to eat less meat recently so I made a number of vegetarian meals this week. I need to find some inspiration though as I don’t have enough of a range yet for us to not get bored – there’s only so much veggie pasta you can eat and V isn’t that keen on Quorn or meat substitutes! I will have to browse Pinterest and some blogs for some inspiration.


I’m wearing only maternity dresses to work now so I need to get a couple more really – until last week I was still able to fit in one or two pre-maternity dresses but I must be bigger. I used to wear fairly fitted dresses so I’m surprised they lasted this long to be honest (well, not all of them did!).

I bought a couple of maternity tops at H&M last week when we were in Italy and they are super comfy, but sadly not smart enough for work. Out of work I’ve mainly been wearing jogging bottoms and PJs – I need to get out and about this weekend as I’ve been a bit of a hermit this week, although we did meet some of my old colleagues for a pub quiz on Monday as well as the cinema last night.

And lastly

We’ve got a nice family weekend planned, not too busy but we’re seeing my brother-in-law and his family today and then my family tomorrow as it’s my brother’s birthday and he’s down in London staying with my parents. He and his wife adopted two dogs last month so I’m looking forward to meeting them!



8 thoughts on “Baby lists, Logan and hoping for sunshine #littleloves

    1. Two retired greyhounds! They look like total lazy lovebugs (other than 2 20 minute walks per day they mainly spend the day napping)! Looking forward to meeting them today.


  1. I always missed my bump for so long after I had each baby. Can’t beat Grey’s Anatomy I was obsessed for years when it was on. Sadly didn’t care much for ending but won’t ruin it for you. hahaha It’s still worth it watching it all. Hope you are having a great weekend. #littleloves

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I think I will miss it too! I’m sure the new baby more than makes up for it but I’m sure it’s still a little bittersweet, never been more in awe of my body than I am right now. Hope you’re having a great weekend too 🙂


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