Americanah, baby cuddles and sunshine #littleloves

The weekend has come around quickly again! Mine started on Thursday afternoon when I travelled to Italy to visit one of my best friends who lives here. She had a baby six weeks ago who I met for the first time on this visit πŸ™‚

Here are my little loves for this week…


I started Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on the plane over here, which I like so far, but it hasn’t gripped me fully yet, I think maybe because I’ve been fairly tired recently and it’s not a particularly light read. I’ll see how I get on. I’ve not been going to bed early recently and I still wake up early even without an alarm, so I’m slightly sleep deprived!


The last two days I’ve been watching my friends with the new baby, hopeful of learning things that will help us in June! Their baby eats and sleeps well but has a more difficult period between 10pm and 2am where she can be fussy and doesn’t settle to sleep – they are coping with this well (I think they may have said differently a few weeks ago!) but I think it’s making V a bit apprehensive about how we will cope if our baby is the same – we will just have to see how we get on!

We also let our cat out into the garden for the first time since we moved house before Christmas. She’s mainly an indoor cat but I wanted to try her in the garden as the weather improves and so she hopefully feels less restricted when the baby comes in June and she isn’t allowed into our bedroom anymore! (We plan to stop allowing her in soon, so she doesn’t associate it with the baby.) We watched her closely so that on this first trip our she didn’t stray too far, she loved it more than I was expecting! In our previous homes she’s been very nervous outside but where we are now is very quiet which I think helped.


Baby cries, gurgles and snuffles! I love baby noises, well except the crying of course, which is hard to hear when it’s not easy to console them – like late at night, or when only milk will help!

I was listening to quite a few podcasts earlier this year, but need to find some new ones to listen to as I’ve overdosed on some of my favourites, so I’m going to try and listen to some new ones next week.


I made a decision about maternity leave this week – I had to formally give work a start date (although it can be changed, with notice). I’ve decided to go off a bit earlier than I otherwise would so that I have my last day just before my birthday at the end of my 35th week (mid May). I won’t start maternity leave immediately but I have several weeks of annual leave to use which I would struggle to use up sooner, so I will have quite a bit of time off before he arrives if he’s not early. This means I only have two months left at work which is a bit scary!


A t shirt (no jumper) and summer shoes yesterday in Italy as it was over 20 degrees and sunny! So lovely. I’m also loving my new maternity bras from Marks and Spencer’s as they are so comfy!

And lastly

We’re in Italy until tomorrow evening so I plan to get in as many baby cuddles as I can because after this I have no more trips planned until after our own baby is here! Luckily my friend will be visiting London in April and hopefully in July, but the baby will have grown a lot by then.


6 thoughts on “Americanah, baby cuddles and sunshine #littleloves

  1. Marks & Spencer maternity bras are the best. I wore mine for ages. They were so so comfy and compared to some other brands, they’re really reasonably priced #littleloves


  2. It sounds like you’ve had a lovely time in Italy with your friends and their new baby. I bet it makes it feel even more real about your impending little arrival! I know I felt like that when visiting friends with babies when I was pregnant. Hope you’ve had a good week this week xx

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  3. It definitely does – I’m feeling a bit impatient now! (Although there is lots to do between now and then so I’m not wishing the time away too quickly..!). Thanks – hope you have too! x


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