The Baby Show, Hidden Figures and Classical Music for Babies #littleloves

How is already Sunday, and already March the 5th?


I found the #littleloves linky by Coffee Work Sleep Repeat via My Two Mums. I’m planning to join in, in the hopes it will help with regular blogging, but also because I’ve already found loads of lovely blogs to follow through it! Here are my little loves for this week.


I’ve not read much in the way of real books this week. We went to The Baby Show at Excel yesterday so I’ve been reading a lot online to research buggies, car seats, breast pumps and all the other baby essentials…it’s a bit overwhelming! We bought a lot of things yesterday so are feeling a bit more prepared. We’re currently arguing about which cot to buy (how much to spend? Does it need to turn into a toddler bed? Do we even need it yet as we’re planning to have the baby in our room at first?) so if anyone has any tips they’d be welcome!


Last weekend we watched Hidden Figures at the cinema and I loved it! Very moving but also funny.



I’ve been watching Walking Dead since its return last month, it was one of my favourite shows previously but I haven’t loved the recent episodes, which is a bit disappointing.

V has been re-watching Modern Family again from the start so I’ve been joining in on some episodes, I love this show, a real easy feel-good watch.


I’ve been listening to the Chilled Pop Hits playlist on Spotify this week, my favourites are Adele’s new song Water Under The Bridge and Sunset Lover by Petit Biscuit.

I also had the inclination to play some music to the bump this morning so I’m currently listening to the first thing I found after searching for “classical music for babies” on YouTube!


Nothing crafty, but I did make some progress on baby preparation. As well as the haul of things we bought yesterday, I finished sorting through the clothes kindly handed down to us by a friend. Her son is 2 now so I’ve vacuum packed 2 bags of clothes to go up into the loft for later (9-24 months stuff!) and folded all the younger bits. Having real clothes in what will be the baby’s room makes it feel a bit more real!


I’m currently loving two items of maternity clothes from Seraphine that V bought me – they are more expensive than I probably would have bought for myself, but I love that they are really comfy while still looking nice. Having said that, I’ve spent a lot of time in PJs this week as it’s been a fairly lazy one..!



And lastly

Hopefully this is the first of many #littleloves to help me remember the positives each week. I need to start getting ready shortly as we have friends coming for lunch, but I’ll probably just read a few more blog posts while I finish my cup of tea…it is Sunday morning after all!



6 thoughts on “The Baby Show, Hidden Figures and Classical Music for Babies #littleloves

  1. Welcome to #LittleLoves! It’s great to have you joining in.
    I really want to see Hidden Figures and contemplating taking my nearly 10 year old with me as I think she’d find it hugely inspiring.
    Have a great week x


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