The Beginning – and a 25 week bump post

So – my first post, a little late to the blogging party despite having considered it on and off for ages. I’m currently 25 weeks pregnant so it seemed a good time to finally start – I want to keep track of the exciting period that’s fast approaching, to connect with other new mums when I’m off on maternity leave and to have something small that isn’t my baby to focus on when I’m not at work.


I guess I should start with a brief introduction: I’m B, I’m 30, and my wife V and I are expecting our first child, a boy, in June. I work in London as a project manager, a job I mostly enjoy, but I am definitely looking forward to maternity leave (currently 90% excited, 10% terrified but think that balance might change as the birth and subsequent sleep deprivation get closer!). I like cups of tea, good books, travelling, crafting (when I’m feeling inspired), photography (mainly looking at it…but this might be an incentive to improve my own skills..!) and animals.


So how have I been feeling at 25 weeks?


Physically – good!

  • The first 16 or so weeks of my pregnancy weren’t that much fun (more about that in another post), but right now I’m feeling generally well. I’m not sleeping as well as pre-pregnancy, but it’s not enough to affect me too badly.
  • I am loving my growing bump – I can’t stop staring at it in the mirror, my wife thinks it’s hilarious – and especially all the baby kicks. I love that V can feel them now too!
  • The bump isn’t too big yet so mainly it doesn’t get in the way (although a few times it has, for example in the bath, a sign of things to come!).
  • I have started to get some heartburn in the last week or so, and I have some back pain occasionally, but mostly I am able to get on with things.


Emotionally – ok

  • The birth is far enough away that I feel mainly excited rather than terrified, although I’m sure there will be feelings of terror as we get closer (he has to fit out of where?!)
  • I’m excited about being a mother! I know there will be things that are really, really hard and I know you can never be truly prepared but I am also so looking forward to meeting and getting to know our son, to watching my wife become a mum, to watching our baby grow and learn and having the time off at the start to really enjoy motherhood.
  • I have been feeling more generally overwhelmed the last 2 weeks or so though, mainly with work and life admin, or if I’ve had an overly-busy few days socially. I don’t know how much of this is pregnancy related, I thought my hormones had normalised a bit in the second trimester, but maybe not. It’s caused some arguments between my wife and I – I had an impressive meltdown on Wednesday this week – so I think in the next few weeks I need to focus on relaxing more, for everyone’s sake!
  • We are going to the Baby Show in London tomorrow which is exciting and I think will make June feel a bit closer! We haven’t bought loads of things yet, but I think this month we will start properly doing that.



I’ve started following a few other blogs of women expecting babies between now and June so I’m excited to be able to read about other people’s pregnancies and motherhood as well. Hopefully when I have the inevitable harder days it will help me to remember that it’s normal and temporary! If you’re currently expecting then feel free to link to your blog in the comments as I’d love to have a read!

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